The Moral Judgement

Topics: Morality, Human, Religion Pages: 1 (311 words) Published: April 28, 2013
The Moral Judgement
The Moral Judgement is essentially the end product of cognitive process resultant to the development of an attitude towards the right way of living. Moral Judgement is a combination of ethical code and Moral values which have been formulated on the basis of the culture and tradition of a particular society. The inculcation of Moral values should find a place in the curriculum of primary and secondary level. The National character and its cherished tradition will reflect the very nature of the society. Moral Judgement is a blend of both Morality and the factors weighing the evidence in the practices of the Morality. Moral Judgement thus becomes a short hand term for the various aspects of the total personality expressed in its encounter with other person. Moral Judgement can also be understood in more structure and technical way. Judgements are first based on prudence. Hence the Moral values should be properly judged in the proper perspective. Morality is the conquest of brute passions and animal impulses. Moral development is one of the most significant aspects of the personality development. It is thus a major task of the society. When one who studied the whole world with a birds eye view, one can see that the whole world is lacking in peacefulness. In European countries where science has reached the top level man is not happy and peaceful as recently they are taking advantages of Science in producing atom bombs and all types of war weapons. They are going further with severe competition. This competition has no end to all. So, a student of Moral education, who goes deep into this problem can find three points, one profit motive or selfishness, second strikes and lockouts, third unhealthy competition. Each one of them is a great danger in itself. They are easing into the very vitals of human society.
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