The Meaning of Knowledge and Wisdom

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The Meaning of Knowledge and Wisdom
Table of Contents
I. Photograph of Wisdom
II. Preface
III. Defining Knowledge and Wisdom
IV. The Effects of Knowledge
V. Knowledge Analogy
VI. Knowledge Song/Analysis
VII. The Effects of Wisdom
VIII. Novel Monologue/Analysis
IX. Wisdom’s Involvement
X. Wisdom Poem/Analysis
XI. Acquiring Knowledge and Wisdom
XII. Works Cited

There are many today who are in search of knowledge and wisdom hoping to find within these qualities the answers of life’s struggles or the strength to endure even the most burdensome trials that life holds for us. Gaining these qualities may take many a lifetime to achieve. Once one is in possession of either knowledge, they must keep a watchful eye on themselves, for they may ignorantly and selfishly use these qualities to hurt themselves or the ones they love. However, when one is possession of both knowledge and wisdom, they will be successful when using these qualities. It will benefit both the wielder and those who may seek advice from these certain ones. In this essay, we will discuss the benefits and negative effects that both knowledge and wisdom hold.

Works Cited
Knowledge picture: This photograph holds a quote of unmistakable truth which says, “One’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.” Oliver Wendell Holmes. We all gain incredible amounts of knowledge throughout our lifetime. Through school, life experience, and information we gather on our own time, we obtain knowledge that will stay in our minds and will come to prove useful when we least expect it. For example, in school we take in so much knowledge that it can be hard to grasp the importance of certain things we learn. We often complain, because of our laziness, but we do not fully realize that there is a chance we will use the information we gather at one point or another in our lifetime. In correlation with the stated quote, once we gain knowledge, we will never lose it. Although we may not remember certain things at first, we will at one point or another remember and utilize this knowledge. Wisdom pic:

This picture states exactly what can happen if we lose ourselves in our own knowledge: we will lose out on the opportunity to gain wisdom. Wisdom comes to those who pay attention to life and what it may hold, as well as learning from life’s trials. We all endure our own forms of persecution, and how we grow and who we become may determine who we are and who we have become. This is one step towards gaining wisdom.

Song: Poem: Tennyson quote: Knowledge and wisdom photo:

Many mistake knowledge for wisdom because they are so closely related but they differ greatly in definition and meaning. Knowledge is the accumulation of facts and information. Wisdom is the amalgamation of knowledge and experiences into insights that deepen one’s understanding of relationships as well as the meaning of life. In other words, knowledge is a tool, and wisdom is the craft in which the tool is used. If one understands this difference, he or she will also appreciate why it is vital to properly distinguish between the two. With the Internet, it is now relatively easy for any person to quickly become knowledgeable in virtually anything they desire to learn about. We live surrounded in a sea of information. It can either be used to benefit one and others, or it can be used to prove oneself as haughty, foolish, or arrogant. It can cause great arguments or debates or even...
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