The Importance of Environmental Awareness

Topics: Climate change, Natural environment, Global warming Pages: 6 (1936 words) Published: May 23, 2013
Carlos Estrada
Professor Morales
English 201.19
10 May 2013
The Importance of Environmental Awareness
In recent years, the global environment has experienced problems never anticipated before; environmental problems that can ultimately lead to world destruction and towards the elimination of the human race if not treated properly. Moreover, the global atmosphere plays a critical and vital role as it is the source of important gases necessary to maintain life on this planet. However, recent cases have shown that nations around the world are contaminating the globe’s atmosphere as they use it in efforts to clear waste. As more nations are becoming industrialized due to the globalization of world economies, there is a greater amount of discharge from different types of production. In brief, the degradation of the global atmosphere is caused by practically everyone around the world. Unlike countries which have specific boundaries that specify territorial restrictions, the atmosphere does not have an owner; it literally belongs to every individual that steps foot on this planet. Therefore it is important that the general public becomes aware of the consequences that may emerge because of environmental mistreatment.

According to the popular journal article, “The Great Climate Sellout” by Ruth Conniff, it seems as though the issue of global warming is being put on the back burner by Washington and its administrators. There is more focus is on issuing new nuclear loan guarantees and opening up the Eastern seaboard to new offshore drilling. Conniff states, “given a historic opportunity to do something about the biggest threat to the health of the entire world, President Obama and the Democrats ultimately decided to do nothing” (20). Truth is that the government’s attention is no longer on environmental issues but on other pressing issues associated with immigration and the economy. As newspaper headlines are no longer filled with disastrous oil spills across the globe, Democrats deserted their work on passing some form of legislation that tries to improve the effects on climate change. As the world gets warmer, oil-soaked birds are ignored establishing a huge unawareness by society towards the preservation of the Earth

Furthermore, although much blame is given to the Obama administration, Republicans have some part to do with it as it has also disregarded the environmental topic. As stated by the author, “On the one side there were the Democrats -- Kerry, who led climate-change negotiations in the Senate, and Obama, giving industry everything it wanted -- and on the other side were the Republicans, also demanding favors for industry, but fearful of looking even slightly concerned about the future of the planet” (21). Even though there are a few beneficial energy projects taking place that could accomplish some sort of cutback in emissions, the budget does not say much on what Obama and his administration will do to effectively decrease the discharge of carbon pollution by the largest emitters such as power plants and automobiles. Of course one needs to not hold Obama fully accountable for the government’s failure to act. Reality is that without some sort of mutual effort and agreement between both chambers in Congress, the House and Senate, practically nothing can be passed in Washington. Consequently, the President is at the mercy of the House and especially the Senate on many key issues making him fully dependent.

However, according to Conniff, the good news is that environmental groups are not just standing with their arms crossed as the world slowly collapses before our very eyes. As stated by the author, “Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, and the Rainforest Action Network, along with some other groups, formed a breakaway coalition called Climate Reality Check, which abandoned the nonconfrontational tactics of the mainstream enviro groups and began to criticize weak emissions reductions targets and other...

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