The Impact of the Growing Economic Power of China

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Australia supports Vietnam cope with climate change
On 23/8, in Hanoi, the Australian Embassy in VN gave a report about a new cooporated program with 6 international nonprofit organizations in order to help Vnese residents; inhabitants; population community to cope with climate change. With 15 million AUD grant of 2.5 years, the program will support Australia help Vietnam cope with the impact of climate change and reduce emissions causing the greenhouse effect.

Australian ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary in Vietnam, Hugh BORROWMAN said: " Australia and our partners will reduce the risks from climate change-related natural disasters and threats to food and water security, helping some 500,000 vulnerable people in the most vulnerable group"

Vietnam is now one of the most vulnerable countries affected by climate change, especially in the Mekong Delta region in which the phenomenon of salt water; brine; sea water level rise, saline intrusion and flooding has affected the people here

Australia's assistance program in Vietnam will help strengthen the capacity of the managers and rising rice farmers to reduce emissions causing the greenhouse effect, increase rice production in the Mekong Delta and the region Central. At the same time (at once; simultaneously; concurrently), the program also identifies practical steps to adapt to (to get used to ...; to adapt (oneself) to ...; to adjust to ...; to accommodate oneself to ...) climate change.

The Ambassador said that “The non-government organizations are eligible(have enough condition) to work directly with communities and local governments,( concomitant; concurrent; simultaneous) and convey(to impart/to communicate) the needs and experiences of the community to the levels of making decision at the (central authority; central government) to support the process of planning and investing in the field of climate change. Our Partnership (along with something; together with somebody/something; in...
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