The Impact of Global Warming on Tourism Industry in Case of Alpine Winter Destinations

Topics: Climate change, Tourism, Global warming Pages: 7 (2428 words) Published: April 20, 2013

1. Introduction

The global climate is changing; this affects all of us. Therefore future will bring up new subjects to be dissccused for everybody. What way of transportation do we use? How many water are we wasting? Has the food we eat grown in an ecological environment? All of us are involved when thinking about the future of mother earth. Also business world has to consider their futural behaviour. Are we working in an energy-efficient environment? Do we waste resources? Are our distribution channels sustianbale? But as always some are hidden harder than others. A branch which has to concern deeply is the tourism industry. Their core products are not recoverable goods or services. Tourism industry mainly consists of ist unique environment. This are their most worthwile resources. Cities and landscape areas do not notice a strong change yet, even not in a negative manner. Whereas regions around the alpine massive are already effected seriously. Especially winter tourism destinations are in charge of the climatical change by winters with little snow and changes of environment, the flora and fauna. Because tourism sector is an important source of income for the Alpine region, responsible solutions have to be developed. By climate change Alpine tourism destinations cannot achieve the same turnover as in previous years during winter seasons. Therefore it is needed to make a change in strategy to survive in future. As we will see this duty of shift can be both, bone and bane. The overall impact of global warming on tourism industry in case of Alpine winter destinations will be discussed in this essay. In paragraph two the global warming and its consequences as well as the impact on Alpine region is reviewed. In the next part potential solutions are mentioned. Paragraph four shows feasible example of successfully operating Alpine winter destination. Current projects of the destinations are mentioned and how they try to adapt the issue of global warming. Finally the conclusion summarizes the findings in this essay and gives an overview of my personal opinion concerning the mentioned subject.

2. Global warming and its impact on Alpine Region
Due to several touristic statistics and researches, Alpine winter tourism destinations are in a process of change. The main issue, the global warming, cannot be improved by short-term acts. Nevertheless the fact that something has to be changed includes both, opportunities and risks for every destination affected (Müller et al., 2008, p. 14). Our climate is changing. This point is proofed from various scientific sources. In future the weather is going to be more extreme in both ways. In other words winters will contain high precipitation and summers with high heat and dryness will be more often. This issue has a high impact on tourism industry since especially Swiss tourism mainly convinces with its beautiful nature and its unique landscape. Thus to take care about the natural environment and the stunning landscape is on high interest for the branch. A responsible handling of the given resources as well as a sustainable development is challenged. At the same time the tourism industry is one of the strongest producer of the CO2 emission. Accordingly an on-going interaction between producing and reducing is required. Furthermore the Alpine region is strongly depended on touristic income, long-term solutions have to be found. The following description of the current situation makes the duty even more reasonable. Alpine winter destinations that are situated in lower altitudes, means beneath 1’300 meters above sea level, are hidden by winters with little snow. The last 30 years the averagetemperature in Switzerland got up around 0.57° C every decade (WSL, 2011). For alpine winter destinations this is a significant issues, since to guarantee snow is an important requirement. In the mentioned...
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