The Impact of Ais for Decision Making

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1.1 Background of the Study

For many the firm system generates mental impact of computer and programming in fact, the time has much broader applicability. Some system are naturally occurring which other are artificial. Natural system ranges from the atom a system of electron and neutron to the universe. A system ranges of Galaxies, stare and plants. All life forms plants and animals are example of natural system. Artificial systems are man made those systems included everything form clock to submarines and social system, to information system. So information system is asset of formal procedures by which data are collected, processed in to information and distributes to users. Because of the globalization of financial market through out the world mainly caused by advances in computer technology allow the transmission or real-time information on security price and other key information in many places. Within this context the important of marketing effective financial decision has increased which facilitate the complexity and the continues growth of information system for making financial decision. Accounting information system is a portion of information system that designed to transform accounting data in to information which is used to make quality decision. These accounting information system are computer based system that the organization depend on it in order to stay competitive and in order to improve the internal processes. Information is just as much as resources as plant and equipment. Productivity, which is crucial to staying competitive, can be increased through better accounting information system. So accounting as an information system identifies collect, processes and communicate economic information about an entity to a wide variety of people. The accounting information system courses fit in to both the accounting and information system. This make the accounting information system focus on understanding how the accounting system work. The internal accounting system an important component of a firm’s information system includes operating and capital budget data on the cost of each product and current inventory and periodic financial report. Accounting information system provides information to help in making decision about the organization. This information is like a map of an organization. So organization most develop an effective and well organized accounting information system that reflect a positive impact on decision making other wise it reflect a poor decision making. Generally, the study tries to investigate the impact of accounting information system.

2. Organizational Background

The new economic policy introduced in November, 1991 caused the culmination of the command economic heralding the establishment of a market oriented one. This policy change created an opportunity and a conductive environment for the emergence of private financial institution aimed at the bringing a meaningful economic role in the development effort of the country, Ethiopia. One of the motives and the responsibility of this financial institution are to address about its services for the potential customers by increasing its market share and profitability.

Dashen bank is a privately owned company established as per the intent of the new policy and the Ethiopia investment code. It come in to existence on sep, 20 1995 as a share company with an authorized and subscribed capital of Birr 50 million in accordance with the “licensing and supervision of banking business proclamation number 84\1994,” of Ethiopia to undertake commercial banking activate. the bank obtained it’s license normal business activities on the first of Jan, 1996 it operates through out it’s head office in Addis Ababa.

In the current competitive business environment Dashen bank is trying to lead banking business by offering unique and efficient services. The bank caters for the public through...

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