The Ideology of Development: Analysis

Topics: Failure, Communism, Marxism Pages: 2 (681 words) Published: March 18, 2012
The Ideology of Development

Course: Introduction of International Relations

In the “The Ideology of Development”(Easterly W.,July-August 2007) the author argues that the ideology that “governs” our century , the Developmentlism , is one more ideology that fails to solve all the world’s problems. The author claims that the main purpose of Developmentalism is to find a correct answer to all of society’s ills other ideologies such as communism , fascism and socialism failed to do so . At the International Monetary Fund (IMF) some experts have made up Development’s intelligentsia . It was thought that Developmentalism found the right answer for the poor world , which was “free markets” but it was proved that in some countries even though there were made attempts to implement it , it wasn’t successful and people turned to the old ideologies .

The author presents three main characteristics of the Developmentalism that he contradicts and gives example where and when this ideology failed . First of all , he talks about development’s politburo . He supports that experts of Development have not manages yet to find one correct answer because they do not take into consideration that the world keeps changing constantly from decade to decade . All the ideologies are incomplete because they fail to predict what is going to happen in the real , constantly changing world . His paragraph “ So the admirable concern…freedom of individuals” is irrelevant with the conclusion he wanted to come up with . What’s more , the author claims that another characteristic of develmentalism is the futility of resistance . The greatest problem of our society is poverty . Developmentalists claim that even poor countries are developing and they will someday reach the rich countries. The development of all the countries is something inevitable . The author also mentions the journalist Thomas Friedman . He says that he is “one if today’s leading Developmentalists”....
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