the humanism in the Greek myth

Topics: Kyoto Protocol, Carbon dioxide, Low-carbon fuel standard Pages: 1 (407 words) Published: November 20, 2013
Over the last 20 or 30 years, science and technology have made new headways day and day, resulting in the higher standard of living, and the Chinese citizens have the aware of environment protection. For instance, Low carbon life, aims to reduce the carbon emissions and save energy, has become a new fashion for city people. The greenhouse gases contribute to the global effect, then, a series of questions surface with the issue. The global warming causes the global sea-level rise, and the submersion of the coastal cities, moreover, the virus rescue, which threatens the whole human race. The earth is running a fever thanks to the greenhouse gases, thus the measures that protect our plant should be taken immediately, while living a low-carbon life is the wise and intellectual choice for each citizen. Firstly, people must strengthen their awareness of low-carbon and implant good habits. The waste water should be reused, after washing hands, people can save the used water to water the flowers or flush the toilet, making full use of every drop of water. Also, make sure the lights are turned off when you left the house. More importantly, take the public transport or ride bicycles rather than drive cars, people can build up their health by riding bikes, meanwhile, one less car will cause less emission and won’t worsen traffic. Of course, planning trees is a good way to beautify the city. Secondly, the government plays the leading role. It is vital important for the government to strengthen supervision and implementation dynamics. The administration should impose strict punitive measure to the institutions that cause severe environmental pollution. Simultaneously, the government should encourage the development of the technology, especially focus on the high-efficiency energy-saving technology and equipment to find the renewable energy, such as wind power, solar power. Lastly, the counties should seek the further cooperation. As we all know, this issue is not just...
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