The Honey and Mumford Questionnaire

Topics: Learning, Knowledge, Machine learning Pages: 2 (427 words) Published: November 26, 2014
The Honey and Mumford Questionnaire
In the honey and Mumford questionnaire you learn things about your leering and these are the things that you can learn: you can become smarter at getting a better fit between learning opportunities and the way you learn best. This makes your learning easier, more effective and more enjoyable. It saves you tackling your learning on a hit-and-miss basis. Equipped with information about your learning preferences, you'll have many more hits and fewer misses.Expand the 'band width' of experiences from which you derive benefit. Becoming an all-round learner, increases your versatility and helps you learn from a wide variety of different experiences - some formal, some informal, some planned and some spontaneous.Improve your learning skills and processes. Increased awareness of how you learn opens up the whole process to self-scrutiny and improvement. Learning to learn is you’re most important capability since it provides the gateway to everything else you want to develop. My leaning style is an activist. Activists are those people who learn by doing. Activists need to get their hands dirty, to dive in with both feet first. Have an open-minded approach to learning, involving them fully and without bias in new experiences. This is when I like doing things like practically and I like putting my ideas into action and like seeing the plan in also means I like change and a variety of things. More veer it means that my strength is that I like flexibility and acting preferences is that I like new experiences and taking lots of risks, getting involved in activities with people, which is true because I lie interacting with people and love talking. Also I like getting things preferred way of thinking is self-discovery, trial and error learning Activists involve themselves fully and without bias in new experiences. They enjoy the here and now, and are happy to be dominated by immediate experiences. They are...
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