The good learner

Topics: Learning, Knowledge, Psychology Pages: 2 (505 words) Published: February 8, 2014
The Good Learner

Good learners are good listeners precisely because the motivation to listen plays one of the most crucial roles throughout their learning process. Michael Nichols, PhD, once quoted in his book, The Lost Art of Listening, that “To listen is to pay attention, take an interest, care about, take to heart, validate, acknowledge, be moved and appreciate.” (p.14). When learners are motivated to pay attention and take interests, the desire for self-learning naturally take place. As their intellectual curiosity is motivated by their desire to learn, many of the other attributes such as confidence to ask question, willingness to take risk and experiment, and flexibility to try different learning strategies will automatically be present. Thus, the willingness to listen is one of the most essential attributes a learner can possess as it is the first active approach to learning before all the other qualities can play a role in coaching good study habits. Some other important terms good learners can incorporate include having a passion for knowledge, which is a motivational drive that assists the need for higher understanding, and focus on the subject matter at hand. Concentration helps learners to be fully engaged on new concepts and ideas in our evolving environment. In addition, good learners persevere and do not get discouraged when a subject is not understood at first glance. They will understand that learning involves a chain of processes. It is something that is understood progressively over a period of time. At a very young age, I was always known as an extrovert. It was hard for me to hold back questions as I was constantly curious with things around me. I learnt best through listening to lectures and participating in discussions. I am an attentive listener and often follow up on my thoughts by contributing with ideas for discussion. It was a good opportunity for me to understand the lecture context better and also to clarify on any ambiguities....
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