The Game

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Michelle Acherman

Essay “The Game”

Every person has a different way of viewing success. In the movie “The Game”, each of the characters views success in their own specific and distinct ways. Nicholas has a more materialistic view of success contrasted by Conrad who lives a more easygoing life and Christine who is mostly a balance between the two. The various characters such as Nicholas, Conrad and Christine will achieve their success at the end of the movie, however each of them attain it in different ways.

Nicholas Van Orton is the main character of the movie. At the beginning of the film, Nicholas appeared to be a very successful business man but lived in solitude. Divorced and alone, Nicholas now lived in a Mansion with his housekeeper, Elsa, as his only company. At this point of the movie, Nicholas seemed to perceive success as money. For his birthday, Nicholas is given by his brother a present to go to the CRS office and play a game. Once the game starts, he perceives his life as falling apart. His money is robbed form his bank account, his house is taken over by the CRS, and everywhere he went something mysterious happened to him. Nicholas saw success at this point as the survival of this horrible nightmare. With no money and anywhere to go, he decides to approach his ex wife for help. This might have been out of desperation, since he has not done such a thing in a long time. Parallel to this, he starts developing a relationship with Christine, a waitress in a restaurant which throughout the whole game will be there to help him. By the end of the movie, we see how Nicholas starts to realize how everyone surrounding him is a part of this “game” that wants to kill him. At this point he decides that the best thing is to kill himself since he has nothing to live for. Everything he had in life is gone. He throws himself from a building and surprisingly he lands on a giant air bag. This game was done by his brother Conrad as a birthday...
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