The French and Russian Revolutions

Topics: Russia, Communism, French Revolution Pages: 2 (729 words) Published: May 26, 2011
The French and Russian Revolutions: Similar? Or Different?
Owen Sokoloff
Period 4
Ms. Repollet

The French Revolution and the Russian Revolution were the same in many ways, but were also different in just as many ways. A king who believed in absolutism, just as France was before the revolution, led Russia; the kings didn't accurately represent their people, nor were they close to them; the middle class (bourgeoisie, in France, Duma, in Russia) wanted recognition; and in both cases, the royal families were executed. There were even more comparisons to the two Revolutions. Both Louis XVI and Nicholas II were absolute rulers. Neither of them wanted to be king. Louis simply wanted a quiet life where he could be tucked in and eat to his delight. He wanted nothing to do with the problems that arose in his reign. It was also his indifference to the crown that caused those problems. Tsar Nicholas also felt that way. Both kings followed their ancestors' rulings. The Bourbons and Romanovs had always ruled their country with a firm, absolute hand. Though they were relatively kind, gentle men, their people did not see it that way. They saw them as uncaring towards their countries and wanted a new monarchy – but without a monarch. They wanted a fair government. France's Revolution followed America's Revolution, their desire for a free, fair Constitution strong. The problems that arose and caused the French and Russian Revolution were many. In both cases, however, it was the starvation and the bitter winter that had taken its toll on the people. A bread riot began in both cases. In the French Revolution, the women marched to Versailles and chased after Marie Antoinette, fixed upon killing her. They then forced the royal family into the Tuilleries Palace in Paris so they could keep a good eye on them. In the Russian Revolution, the women were calmer and simply paraded down the streets on International Women's Day, merely wanting some bread to sate their hunger....
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