The Four Great Revolutions

Topics: Communism, United States Declaration of Independence, Human rights Pages: 3 (968 words) Published: June 6, 2007
Reasons for revolution

1)People feel restless and held down by unacceptable restrictions in society, religion, the economy or the government. People are also hopeful about the future, but they are being forced to accept less than they had hoped for.

E: The English population was prominently Protestant in religion and wanted to protect their religion, contrary to King James strong catholic beliefs that he was forcing upon the them. The people had also come to the realization that the king had been undermining their beloved parliament by passing laws and suspending rights without it's permission. The English believed it to be their duty to overthrow such an abomination of power.

R: Russia was suffering and starving for the effects that WWI had wiped out all their supplies for its troops. The government that was in control at the time, The Czar could not provide for both its troops and its people without having to give up on some of his own luxuries; so everyone suffered. Out of sheer necessity the Russians revolted.

F: France was suffering from a conflicting conundrum of the classes. The clergy and nobility flourished by crushing the peasants and bourgeoisie with high taxes. There was great resentment of royal absolutism seigniorial system by peasants, a rising bourgeoisie and the corruption of the Catholic Church. The French saw how corrupt the church was and assumed it was religion itself that was corrupt, and so the period of enlightenment began.

A: America wanted to have fair representation in Parliament and a say so in the law making process for their own country; what they thought were "self evident truths". They believed because of the lack of justice they were receiving that they could should and would revolt.

2)The government does not respond to the needs of its society.

E: King James II averted any legal form of ruling and was bent on tyranny and power. He suspended laws and rights as he saw fit. He fired and took...
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