The Ethical Value of Knowledge and God

Topics: Soul, Truth, Ethics Pages: 4 (1341 words) Published: June 5, 2013
Axiology: What is the Ethical Value of Knowledge?
Statement of Thesis
It is my intention to show my view that the ethical value of knowledge is the true aesthetic value of one’s true beliefs. The value of knowledge does not out-weigh the value of one’s true beliefs. Thus, the epistemic good, which is derived from knowledge; is the ending result of ethics which is an individual perception of epistemic good rather than an assigned value. This perception is then, measured by a minimum standard tolerated by social environment in which to deem ethically tolerable on behalf of a community. Analysis of Thesis

I believe that our body must coordinate itself with the soul and work together in which to form a harmonious union in which determines our true beliefs. The epistemic good is, derived primarily from personal, and true beliefs in which are, contrasted by the epistemic good of one’s soul, against knowledge to justify the situation. This is, done so one can personally decide the epistemic good of certain intentions or situations in which to physically, or mentally respond on behalf of one’s soul. The resulting standard is then, adjusted according to the quality and quantity of true beliefs of society and culture in which to standardize morals. This is what I call “Creating your own reality”, and is also why people move around from community to community to find where they are the most content. Thus, the only need for a standard is to uniformly justify and implement the terms and conditions of that which has been, deemed the minimum level of epistemic good tolerated by your social environment otherwise known as ethics. With ethics, we can determine the quantity and quality of both truth and knowledge in which we want to retain and become responsible for understanding. With this control of free will and morals called ethics, knowledge must bow to one’s true beliefs. Because knowledge is food for or souls to grow from, and we may, suppress knowledge in which to...

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