The Essence of Education

Topics: Knowledge, Learning, Plato Pages: 2 (858 words) Published: December 14, 2008
Education is one of the main components that lead to the ultimate meaning of justice, which is what “The Republic” is mainly concerned with. In order to define what justice really is, there must first be an elimination of misconceptions regarding education, and then a connection between education and justice, from Platos point of view. Finally I will be commenting on education from my own point view and relating it to Plato’s.

Plato starts of by explaining what education is perceived to be. He states “ Education isn’t what some people declare it to be, namely putting knowledge into souls that lack it, like putting sight into blind eyes.” Therefore true Education’s aim is not to implant facts and figures in a person’s head; although there is no harm in them being learned in the process, that is not that main aim. Many people believe that the wiser and more knowledgeable a person is, the more information he has on a certain topic, but that is what Plato is arguing against, and that is what I completely agree with. We are now living at a time where as knowledge and science advances everyday, it is abused more everyday. For example the use of explosives can be used for very good and legitimate purposes, like construction sites etc. but they can also be used for bombing peoples homes and killing innocent people and children. Would the people attaining this beautiful knowledge to create such disastrous incidents, be just or good? In my opinion no they are not. Thus, in case achieving this knowledge is not just or good. Plato identifies the true essence of Education by saying “ The power to learn is present in everyone’s soul, and the instrument with which each learns is like an eye that cannot be turned around from darkness to light with out turning around the whole body”. In this quote Plato says that everyone has the tools needed in order to learn, therefore everyone has the ability to learn. But in order to use these tools to the best of their ability...
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