The Environment: Our Future

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Global warming, Climate change Pages: 4 (1358 words) Published: September 29, 2008
Reports from the U.N. have pushed the focus of the international community to the pressing issue of climate changes due to Global Warming. Scientists have proclaimed that the warning signs of global warming are unequivocal. It was concluded that global warming is most likely man-made, and its effect will impact the world for centuries.

Global warming is basically the increased in temperature of the Earth. Human activities are said to be the main causes of this phenomenon. For example, we produced excessive carbon dioxide when burning fuels to produce energy since Industrial Revolution. The large emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide is one of the culprits trapping the heat on Earth, and raising global temperatures.

The raise in temperature of the Earth may seem nothing to you, however they have devastating impacts on all of our lives. I daresay, our lives are threatened!

Natural disasters such as heat waves will happened often due to the increase in temperature. However, this is not it. The rising global temperature will cause the glaciers and icebergs up at the North Pole and Greenland are melting at surprising rapid rate. There is a totally different view now at Greenland. The once ice-filled island is now replaced by land and sea.

This global melting is a warning sign of climate change, but its implications go beyond merely losing snow and ice. Hundreds of millions of people depend on these melting of ice for fresh water supply. If the glaciers are receding at such a fast rate, the water supply for them will eventually disappear , causing more frequent drought. Worst still, studies have shown that this global melting also causes the sea level to rise, at a fast rate of 3mm per year. At this rate, many lowlands will be submerged in water causing millions of people to be drowned in floods and homeless. That day will be the world’s doomsday.

The increase in global temperature will also incur extreme, weird weathers. For instance,...
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