The Effects of Human Activity on Climate

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The Effects of Human Activity on Climate
Climate is a natural activity that can be defined as the weather conditions prevailing in an area in general over a long period of time (which can include temperature, air pressure, humidity, precipitation, sunshine, cloudiness, and winds) (“Climate”). The climate has been a part of our environment long before humans came to study it, and really took it into consideration. Now through the many negative environmental actions created by humans through beneficial human activities we have greatly come to change the natural flow that climate has on the environment. Human activity has such a dramatic affect on climate that our activities have already changed atmospheric characteristics such as temperature, rainfall, levels of carbon dioxide, ground level ozone, and shore areas like tidal zones (“Agriculture and Food Supply”). With these changes to our environment come natural devastating catastrophes like droughts, floods, and severe storms just to name a few.

Through the evolution of our earth human beings have come up with so many technological advances (like transportations, use of CFS, and release of gases through factory productions just to name a few) that have bettered our society in many way, and in a sense have made life easier for mankind. However with all these new technological advances come damaging effects to the environment. Natural changes in climate result from interaction such as those between atmosphere and ocean (which is known as internal factors from external causes) (“Climate Change”). Prime examples of this are climate changes caused by human activities like heat trapping of gases, which are also known as green house gases. One of the biggest ways that people contribute to green house gases, and affect our climate is through burning fossil fuels, which is in turned used for technologies like generating electricity, heating of buildings and homes, powering factories, and fuel for our cars....
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