The Effects of Global Warming

Topics: Global warming, Weather, Earth Pages: 2 (545 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Global warming has a big effect on the Earth. It can spread diseases. Global warming, warms the water which causes erratic weather. It increases the probability and intensity of droughts and heat waves. Global warming can also lead to the melting of the polar ice caps. Finally it can have great economic consequences. Global warming can lead to a spread in diseases across the world. As northern countries warm, disease carrying insects migrate north, bringing plague and disease with them. With warmth comes disease. Climate greatly influences some of the most deadly and widespread diseases currently affecting millions of people across the world. With disease bearing insects such as mosquitoes able to multiply in staggering numbers due to even small rises in temperature, global warming looks set to facilitate the spread of diseases like Malaria, West Nile virus and Dengue fever to parts of the planet that are usually untouched ( The increased number of sick people could even overwhelm public health services, especially in poor or unprepared countries. Warmer oceans make for more extreme weather including devastating storms. With ocean temperature being a key factor for hurricane formation, the consequences of global warming will inevitably include the increased generation of storms and hurricanes with greater power and frequency. The destructive power of hurricanes has increased by some 50% in the last 30 years, a figure that is closely connected with the rising temperature of the ocean. Warmer water leads to more evaporation, which in turn helps to not just prime the combination of hurricanes and cyclones but also to maintain their strength once existing ( Global warming can be the cause of probable and intense droughts and heat waves. Although some areas of Earth will become wetter due to global warming, other areas will suffer serious droughts and heat waves. Africa will receive the worst of it, with...
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