The Effects of Climate and Acidification on the Jamaican Ecosystem

Topics: Global warming, Ocean, Carbon dioxide Pages: 3 (754 words) Published: October 17, 2013
Climate is the ongoing shift in weather, humidity, temperature and wind governing a region’s atmosphere. Climate is influenced by altitude (how high a region is), wind patterns (the seasonal back and forth movement of wind.), latitude (the angle at which the sun sets and rises, ‘day and night’) and geography (the position of a region helps to determine the wind patterns and the closeness of water bodies determines its weather patterns). Jamaica lies within the tropical zone, with a climate of warm to very hot. Due to its region, structure and surrounding water body, Jamaica’s climate is influenced by its geography, altitude and its latitude. The island of Jamaica is located close to the equator and experiences altering weathers, sometimes cool, regularly warm and many times very hot. Its altitude regulates the heat since heat has to be passed through layers of the atmosphere, also being a mountainous country, some parishes in Jamaica will be cooler than others. The island is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea. A water body predicts a countries state of weather, Jamaica’s state of weather fluctuates as the seasons rotate. By the process of diffusion, cool air is exchanged with warm air to keep a balance in the island’s weather. This is done at night when the warm air diffuses out into the sea and the cool air comes in on land to take its place. However, its climate has pros and cons upon Jamaica’s environment. Like other islands of the Caribbean, Jamaica has beautiful scenery but its inhabitants pose a great issue to the environment as they continue to feed the pandemic of Global Warming and Acidification. These are caused by the constant rise of temperature due to the burning of fuels, improper garbage disposal (burning), and distribution of carbon monoxides from car fuel, slashing and burning of land for development. All the activities mentioned give off gases that get trapped in the atmosphere and sends it back to the surface giving a rise to heat...

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