The Effect of Team Building on Self Esteem and Decision Making

Topics: Communication, Decision making, Decision theory Pages: 18 (5971 words) Published: January 29, 2013
The Effect of Team Building on Communication Skills and Group Decision Making of Youth Organizations Aguas, E.L., David, J.M., Dungca, M.B.E., Fernandez, T.G.S., Nepomuceno, R.P., and Tiansay, M.C.B.

The study was conducted to determine the effect of team building on communication skills and group decision making skills of youth organizations. Experimental design particularly one group pre- test post test design was used. The independent variable was team building intervention and the dependent variables were communication skills and group decision making skills. The researchers used a non- probability sampling design, specifically purposive sampling. The participants of the study consisted of 45 youth organization members from We are Anime Club and Youth Ministry of San Agustin Church. Based on the results gathered, there is a significant difference on the group decision making skills and communication skills of the selected group before and after the team building activity.

A group is defined as the process of coming together, building and maintaining the relationship, and strengthening this relationship in order to achieve the set goals of a group. In order to guide a group into becoming a team that works productively, an intervention, such as a team building program may be administered. Team-building programs utilize an action-learning format that involves participants in a variety of creative exercises. Each of these activities requires the use of constructive team-based behaviors to be successful. Participants learn by doing. Each activity is discussed on completion with a trained facilitator who gives focus and direction to an analysis of what happened and why it happened. This time of discussion is where learning occurs – behavior modification based on experience. This will allow a group of people to interact and create a harmonious atmosphere (Ortigas, 1997). Since groups are being utilized more, research surrounding these groups and the decisions they make is very important to the communication discipline. Looking at how members of groups participate and their feelings about the group’s work is an important part of the research that needs to be conducted on these groups. To be able to understand how a team building module could help a faction of people, the essence of a group should first be discuss in detail. A group consists of individuals joined together by a common goal or set of characteristics. They work together as a team in order to achieve these goals. Levi (2007) described the group as more than just a collection of people. He stated that it has distinguishing characteristics and it exists for a reason or purpose and has a goal that is shared between the members. The people in a group are connected to one another. They recognize this connection, and it binds them together so that they collectively share what happens to fellow group members. In order to attain the objectives of a group, each member must interact with one another. Through effective communication and proper dissemination of ideas, flow of instruction may be put in an orderly manner, accurate and precise instructions may be given and fewer mistakes maybe committed. Communication, as a main key in good management and leadership, entails factors that need to be considered in order to be effective (Levi 2007). These factors may include the barriers of communication which hinders a person to fully share his ideas and the other to grasp the information being sent. According to Levi (2007), central to any group’s actions is communication. Another essential ingredient of building an effective group is for them to understand the value of having a strong group decision making skill. Making a decision follows a pattern; which is, defining the problem, identifying the criteria, developing alternatives, allocating weights to the criteria, evaluating the alternatives and selecting the best alternative (Manohar, 2008)....
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