The Earth

Topics: Global warming, Earth, Climate change Pages: 9 (3399 words) Published: December 21, 2012
At the beginning our planet is no more than a case of fire and cloud with glutenated dust particles similar to so many similar cloisters in the universe. This was the miracle where our life exists in this universe. Today life our life is just a link or chain of so many numerable living beings that was succeeded one another honours over nearly 4 billion years and even today new volcanoes continue to sculpt our landscapes it appears like molten rocks from the depths, solidifying, cracking, blistering and spreading a same crust before falling a dormant fertility. Deeply earth is full of smoke coming out there are witness to the earth's original atmosphere and atmosphere to discoid of the oxygen. A dense atmosphere sinks with water vapour full of carbon dioxide a furnace. The earth core the water vapour condensed and fell into down poles. At the right distance from the sun not too far and too near the earth perfect balance in able to consume water in liquid form. The rivers stool minerals from the rocks and gradually added them to the fresh water of the oceans and the oceans became heavy with salt. WHERE DO WE COME FROM? WHERE OUR LIFE EXISTS?

A miracle of time the primitive life forms still exists in the globe's hot springs they give them their colours they called Archaebacteria. They all feed of the earth's heat all except cyanobacteria or blue green algae. They will have the capacity to turn to sun to captures energy. They are viral and sestrel all yesterdays and todays plant species. These tiny bacteria and their billions of descendants change the destiny of our planet. They transformed this atmosphere. Carbon drained from the atmosphere and other life forms to develop. Plant life feed of sun’s energy which are able to break up the water molecule and takes the oxygen and the oxygen fill the air. The earth's water cycle is a process of constant renewal like water falls-water vapour-clouds-rain-springs-rivers-seas-oceans. The cycle is never broken. The earth always contains same quantity of water; all successful species on earth had drunk this water. The water exists in following manner liquid form as running water, gaseous as vapour and solid as ice. Engine of life is linkage, everything on earth is linked nothing is self-sufficient. Water in air is in separable and united our lives and forms our life on earth sharing is everything. Green expands on earth that means oxygen level is increasing on earth.70% of the green that is land and 30% of the blue that is water. Natural climate change

Climate change can refer to any long-term significant change in the patterns of average weather of a specific region (or, more relevantly to contemporary socio-political concerns, of the Earth as a whole) over an appropriately significant period of time, caused by natural forcing. In the past these have included periods of ice age's and periods warmer than today. Ice Age:

In the history of the Earth, 12 known ice ages have occurred. More ice ages will be possible at an interval of 40,000–100,000 years although engineers working for Posiva, a Finnish company currently constructing the On kalo spent nuclear fuel repository, has planned the facility to withstand an Ice Age starting as 'soon' as 20,000 years. An Ice Age would have a serious impact on civilization because vast areas of land (mainly in North America, Europe, and Asia) could become uninhabitable. It would still be possible to live in the tropical regions, but with possible loss of humidity/water. Currently, the world is existing in an interglacial period within a much older glacial event. The last glacial expansion ended about 10,000 years ago, and all civilizations evolved later. Volcanism

A geological event such as massive flood basalt, volcanism, or the eruption of a super volcano leading to the so called Volcanic Winter (Similar to a Nuclear Winter). One such event, the Toba Eruption, occurred in Indonesia about 71,500 years ago. According to the Toba...
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