The Consequences of a Global Temperature Rise on Arctic Ecosystems

Topics: Global warming, Arctic Ocean, Arctic Pages: 2 (648 words) Published: October 13, 2012
Mikhail Kashtelyan

The Consequences of a global temperature rise on arctic ecosystems

Nowadays the climate is changing, in more exact words the global temperature is raising every year. Those climate changes may cause a lot of different disasters and brake of ecosystems. A place that is really endangered of global temperature rise is arctic. Arctic is a very big icy landmass that is located north of the Arctic Circle. Arctic contains a lot of different kind of species. If the icy landmass is going to shrink then there will be a huge affect on all the species and the environment that they live at. After the global temperature rise will affect arctic in disastrous way then the whole world and all the living and non- living things will suffer. There are many consequences of a global temperature rise, such as species might have to migrate, the sea level might increase, the green house effect may increase and it might happen that the arctic cap will disappear.

The icy surface of arctic will begin to melt if the global temperature will rise. That means that the area of arctic will decrease. Incase of the decrement of the living space in the arctic the different types of species that live there might have to immigrate. But not all of the habitats of the arctic are able to move to another continent, this is going to lead to extinction of many different species. Some types of species that are living in arctic are very precious to the world, for ea. Polar bears. The movement of animals to the other regions with different climate may cause a brake down in the food chains. There might be a failure in the trophic levels because some of the animals are going to be new to a particular environment. As the polar bears are not going to have the ice habitats as fish anymore so they wouldn’t be able to feed themselves. The brake in food chains may cause big extinction or sicknesses of some organisms.

The ice that is lying in the arctic is ancient, that means that it has...

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[ 1 ]. A substance of vegetable origin, consisting of roots and fibers, moss, etc.
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