The Concept of Learning

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The concept of learning can be defined as the changing of knowledge, skills and behaviors of one person, which due to different experiences. As this reason, different people may have different understanding about the concept of learning. In my point of view, the learning is a continuous process, which could help people to acquire new knowledge and skills through understanding. It also provides the different views of thinking and understanding, in order to change as a person from inside to outside.

Actually, I have always modified my concepts of learning through the different experiences that occurred in separate progressive period of my life. Obviously, all of these experiences related to Marton’s first concept of “increasing one’s knowledge”. This conception is a process that comprised of three parts: learner, acquisition and knowledge (Marton et al. 1993). In fact, we are repeating this process in every activity, such as listening a lecture, reading a magazine, and even talking with a friend. Thus, we are increasing our knowledge in anytime, anywhere and any situation.

On the first day when I study at high school in China, I begin to prepare for the competition (National University Entrance Examinations). Under this pressure, I have extensive list of reading materials and exercise questions. The learning concept for me is closer to the second and third conceptions provided by Marton et al. (1993), which emphasis on “memorizing and reproducing” and “applying”. These conceptions are focus on both acquisition and application phases. At acquisition phase, memorizing is



a useful tool to acquire knowledge and improve the test score in the short-term. However, learning by rote is doesn’t work for long-term study. The piece of knowledge always disappeared from my memory immediately after the exam, it is hard for me to actually acquire knowledge only by memorizing. Thus, the application phase is benefit for the consolidation...
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