The Comparison Between the Meanings of Chinese and English Names of Acupuncture in the Aspect of “Associate Meaning” Meaning”

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通过“联想意义” 比较中英针灸穴位名的不同含义 The Comparison between the Meanings of Chinese and English Names of Acupuncture In the Aspect of “Associate Meaning” Meaning”



Abstract This article examines the meaning of acupuncture point names in both Chinese and English nomenclatures in the aspect of “associate meaning” by analyzing the different name rules. The result shows that the Chinese nomenclature has abundant and profound meaning behind the name through adopting various rhetoric methods to name the acupuncture points, while this associate meaning cannot be successfully translated into English because it bears distinctively national characteristics; meanwhile, the English nomenclature, which is very different from the Chinese original one in both form and content, has its multiple associate meanings as the Chinese one is not available. Therefore, it is recommended that the practitioners from China and the west should learn both nomenclatures in order to achieve better understanding and academic exchanges of acupuncture. Key Words: Chinese acupoint names, English acupoint names, associate meaning, names, acupuncture



摘要 本文主要从“联想意义”的角度下,通过分析中文针灸穴位名和英文针灸穴位名 不同的命名原理,从而研究二者的不同含义。研究结果表明中文穴位名在命名上 大量运用修辞手法, 使得中文穴位名具有丰富且深厚的含义,但这些联想意义却 由于自身民族性的限制而无法翻译成英文;同时,英文针灸穴位名与中文穴位名 在形式和内容上有很大差别, 英文针灸穴位名所带有的联想意义是中文名中无法 具备的。因此,本文建议国内外针灸从事者能学习中英两种不同的穴位名,以便 更好地理解针灸学和更好地传播和交流针灸学。 关键字:中文穴位名,英文穴位名,联想意义,针灸



1. Introduction
It is universally acknowledged that acupuncture is the most widely recognized medical branch from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in the world, in that it can treat diseases without any drugs taken, it is regarded as one of the best alternative medicines. “The increasing discussion over recent years about how Chinese medical nomenclature s should be translated into English only rarely touches on the names of acupuncture points.” [3] In the light of acupuncture points (acupoints), WHO has already enacted their standard names in English in 1991, namely to name the points by the initial two letters of the name of the meridian with a serial number following, such as Zhongfu(LU 1), Yunmen(LU 2), Tianfu(LU 3), Xiabai(LU 4)… However, after around twenty years’ practice, the difficulties and problems brought from acupoint names still haven not resolved in the west. On the other hand, the Chinese practitioners use only the Chinese original names and rarely consider how the English standard names may help their own studies and practices. In China, only a few people study on the acupoints translation. The criticism is about that the equivalent acupoints names in English fails to carry the cultural essence of the acupoint names in Chinese and recommend that English practitioners should flexibly acquire acupoints names in both the WHO standard form and in the paraphrased from. [8] Meanwhile, some are looking for how to paraphrase the acupoint names without losing their cultural connotations. [7] Therefore, it can not only keep the integrity in acupoint translation but also make the inheritance of the Chinese precious culture of Traditional Chinese Medicine further available. [9] However, none of the studies in China have recognized the importance of the English acupoints name for the Chinese practitioners. Nigel Wiseman, professor of Traditional Chinese Medicine from Chang Gung University, Taiwan, put that the English nomenclature has the multiple meanings as the Chinese nomenclature is not available, so a nomenclature that renders as least of the meanings must be chosen. [3] The aim of this paper is to recommend the practitioners from China and the west to learn acupoint names in both Chinese and English forms by analyzing these two forms...
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