The Classical Communism and Modern Socialism

Topics: Socialism, Marxism, Communism Pages: 6 (1929 words) Published: December 8, 2012

SOCI 100

If one of your friend accepts the cosmetic surgery and he or she just looks so different than before. Do you think he or she is still the person you know before?

My answer for this question is yes, I do think he or she is still the person I know because they have the same soul. People communicate with each other with their souls, but not the appearance! Soul is the most important thing of a person because it can show all of the personalities of that person, like kind, evil, honest or shady. If you really want to know a person and want to build a good friendship with he or she you should care about his or her soul.

The same principle can also use in the problem between the classical communism and modern socialism. As the time goes on, the communism has also change a lot. After the process of change, the classical communism called modern socialism. The modern socialism just like the person who finish the cosmetic surgery and the classical communism is the person who does not do the cosmetic surgery yet. Even though they have different appearance, they have the most important similarity – the soul. Now let me introduce the classical communism and modern socialism more specifically.

The classical communism comes from the Marxism. It is a very important part of the Marxism. As the time passes, the classical communism slowly changes into the modern socialism and become one of the most important ideologies in the world. At that time period, communism is just the nice hope of the people who are the lower class. But, during the time passes, people know they should make some changes so that their hopes can come true. Then, the modern socialism born. Some people will say that the classical communism changes too much during the process to become the modern socialism. They are correct because the classical communism and modern socialism are different from the perspective of human nature, the economic system, the understanding of equality, the admeasure system of the society, the way to achieve their goal and even the final goal. However, I think although they are so different from each other , they have the same main idea which is to help the lower class in the society to protect their rights.

I want to talk about the changes from classical communism to modern socialism. I already said that the classical communism comes from the Marxism which made by Karl Marx. Marx believes that the human nature is good which means all the people are good. But, when the time passes, the communists find that Marx’s belief on human nature is not correct. There are some evil people live in the world. They realize that not all of the people is kind and selfless, so they change the positive view of human nature to mixed view of human nature. It is more realistic because the world should include the good man and bad man. All the people are good is impossible.

The classical communism also different from the modern socialism on the economic system. The classical communists think that they can live without contact with others and all the enterprises are control by the government. That means they can satisfied their own needs by their working. Trading with other country is useless in the classical communism. The government can control all the business so that the differentiation of the class will not be very serious any more. However, the modern socialists do not agree with this old idea. For example, China is a socialism country and the government realizes that the importance of the international trade. “In the process of this industrialization drive, foreign trade has been playing a significant role.” “Quantitatively the share of foreign trade in Red China has ranged from 6.2per cent in 1953 to 8.8 per cent in 1959” (P227, ASPECTS OF MODERN COMMUNISM). This number shows China is focus on the international trade as a very typical symbol of the...
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