The Changing Morality in a Prosperous America

Topics: Morality, Ethics, United States Pages: 4 (1266 words) Published: April 25, 2011
John Doe
Mr. John Doe
English 102
7 February 2011
The Changing Morality in a Prosperous America
Our country’s values and morals have changed drastically since the origination of our civilized, settled way of life. The United States has transformed from living off the land to an industrialized nation with basically anything we desire at our finger tips. Conservatism has led to liberalism and the slow degradation of our morals and beliefs. Some try to blame new capitalism and the economic growth of America for this downfall in morality. The decline in morality was not brought about by new capitalism, rather the undertaking of new, unethical moral standards.

With the inhabitation of North America brought about new opportunities, ideas and a civilization unlike any other in the world. Governed by a Republic, citizens have and still express themselves freely among one another. North American society originated as a very conservative culture, with extreme Protestant beliefs. Religion was practiced thoroughly and orthodox. In Value-Free John states, “The aim of work was not to accumulate riches per say but to contribute to God’s glory”, (Judis 8). Families and businessmen did not believe in excess spending and indulgence in materialism. Saving and maintaining money, food and other necessities were how late 19th century Americans operated. Debt and credit were not an option, cars and household items were typically bought if the money was present in the bank account. Even loans were not popular until the 20’s and 30’s when our prosperous economy shambled to nothing during the Great Depression. Before industrialization took over the manufacturing market, tools like appliances and vehicles were valued much more than they are today. Manual-powered household appliances were considered a luxury and were very expensive due to slow, hand-made production. Pioneers and cowboys roamed the vast terrain of soon to be developed America. Most of America towns...
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