The Causes of Stress

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causes and effects le of learning English language.
In the world there are many languages. So some people like to learn other languages to understand some different languages people use. English is the most widely spoken native language in the world, and in terms of sheer number of speakers, it is the most spoken official language in the world people. In this essay there are many causes and effects about learning English language. First of all, there are many causes that lead to many people learning English language. One of them is to study and developing knowledge. Another cause to communicate with other people from different countries that because sometimes when we travel to some countries such as England, people speak only one language a English, so it is important to know English language. Moreover, it easy to make business and trade with other countries such as people can make and work in trade of clothes and foods. The last cause is some people like to marriage different people from their countries. For example, men have to understand the language of their wife to connect with her. On the other hand, as I said there are causes when people learn English language there are also the effects of it. First, people can development knowledge from different countries through gaining knowledge different of traditions and cultures when they travel to different countries. Furthermore, it’s easier to find jobs because nowadays when you search a jobs, the majority of people knows two or three languages to communicate with customers, so if you know English language it easy to find it. For example, in some countries there are many different nationalities, so if employer knows English language he will can understand the foreign customers and help them for any things they require. In addition, people can solve some problems from some countries are speaking different from themes such as solve cross cultural problems and social problems like Wars If any countries...
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