The Book Boy 21 By Mathew

Topics: Character, Space, Outer space Pages: 1 (208 words) Published: November 10, 2014
The book Boy 21 by Mathew Quick is about three teens who love basketball: Finley, Erin, and Russ. Finley lives in a town run by an Irish mob that has drugs and violence. Russ, a basketball prodigy, is forced to move to this neighborhood after a tragedy that occurred to him. Russ insists that he is from outer space in order to cope with the tragedy and only responds when called Boy 21.

The main reason I am interested in this novel is because it involves a sport. I have read other novels about sports such as The Underdogs and The Million Dollar Throw. I enjoyed reading these books and the novel Boy 21 seems similar to them. This novel has also sparked my interest because it is takes place in a ghetto town and contains tragedies. These aspects add suspense and make the book more interesting.

The book City of Bones sparked my interest because it is similar to books Percy Jackson and Michael Vey series. All three of these series contain protagonists with superhuman powers which are used to fight evil. This book also my interest because I enjoy the aspect of the hero searching for someone who mysteriously disappeared. This adds suspense to the book which I enjoy.
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