The Answer Is No

Topics: Morality, Sin, Evil Pages: 2 (418 words) Published: July 17, 2007
In The Answer Is No, the narrative describes the story of a school teacher who went through a difficult time dealing with her personal and psychological conflict. In her painful memory of childhood, she was violated by her tutor (schoolmaster) who came over her house to give her private lessons. It happened when her parents were not home and she was not aware of his shameful action. Furthermore, he was trying to cover his serious sin by convincing her that everything was normal and that he loved her. He promised to propose her whenever she got to her legal age. Time passed by, she grew up and realized his evil intention and felt hurt and violated. She refused his proposal when he came back to fulfill his promise. She rejected his evilness and wanted to stay away from him. The story presents an unbelievable life event in the childhood of an innocent girl who was a target of an unexpected crime. Yet, it created an outrageous feeling to the readers against the unethical action in the past of the schoolmaster. The story was a tragedy which reflects the sadness and unexpected truth. It occurs to me that the poor girl must have suffered tremendously from the disgraceful violation by her tutor. The story somehow created anger inside me because it reveals an undesirable crime which our society does not allow. Indeed, the action of the tutor was a great sin which totally against my belief.

Furthermore, I would consider the tutor's crime as an evil act against our social morality. In fact, the story creates fear in me because there might be more of those violations in our society that we do not know. In my opinion, the tutor's immoral action was so dangerous and harmful to the young generation. We need to be aware of any bad intention to violate young children in our community and our society.

Lastly, the story reminds me that we need to prepare and educate children to be aware of the criminal violation that might affect them physically, and psychologically. I...
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