Tesco Information Systems

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Tesco Information System

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This paper is generally about information systems in an organisation. To illustrate this further, the author will specifically look at Tesco, an organisation of choice. This paper intends to highlight a specific information system––management information systems––and explore it thoroughly using the various analytical models in relation to Tesco. The illustrations will draw from various related information system schematics and draw examples of how the organization in question - Tesco - has put them into use. Description of the Organization (Tesco)

Founded in the year 1919 in London, Tesco is a grocery and merchandising retail chain. The organisation is without a doubt the largest retailer in Britain by local and global market shares and sales. The organisation originally dealt with foodstuff, but they have since ventured into other circles, for example, financial services, software, internet services, clothing, car and health insurance, and consumer electronics. Tesco appears on the London Stock Exchange and it also headlines the FTSE 100 Index. As at 23rd December 2011,the organization had bagged an astounding £31.3 billion in terms of the Market Capitalisation and consequently ranked the 14th-biggest organization on London’s Stock Exchange. Looking at the competition in the retail industry, it is very important for organisations to establish operational strategies that are efficient. Information System (IS) covers a complex sample of Information Technologies and the professionals who apply the fastidious technology in the sustenance of an assortment of organisational functions (Williamson, Harrison, and Jordan 2004, 376). Structure of Management Information System

This kind of information system––MIS––entails information technology application to managerial and organisational needs. It constitutes determining the type of information technology to be beneficial to organisation and development and application of business solutions in relation to it (Seilheimer 2000; Walsham 1993). The strong point of this kind of information system is that in combines the business understanding with information system and technology knowledge to help an organisation––Tesco––compete successfully or restructure on-going operations. [pic] Fig. 2. The Role of MIS in Tesco

Source: Tesco Annual Report, 2010.

Professionals who are conversant with this type of IS use their backgrounds that are business based in working with users and managers to recommend and pinpoint technological improvements that may be beneficial to an organisation. Their work is to codify, analyse, design, implement, and manage modern telecommunications, business, and many other computerised information systems. Moreover, traditional processing systems are maintained. Professionals in this discipline are also assigned the duty of dealing with exhilarating growth technologies, for example, the design and management of telecommunications systems, e-business, using and developing server systems for the consumer, data warehousing and database development, and finally, developing web-based technologies for other applications in business inclusive of electronic commerce (Trinder, 2007). MIS is the primary source of information required to keep an organisation running effectively and efficiently. This kind of IS has three main resources: information, technology, and people, although in recent times, data, procedures, hardware, and software (programs) have since been added to that list. Management information systems stand out from the rest of the pack as they are employed in the analysis an organisation’s operational activities. In the spheres of academics, the term usually refers to the set of information methods of management linked to the automation or propping...
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