"Technologically Man Is a Giant, Morally a Pygmy" .Discuss

Topics: Morality, Ethics, Human Pages: 2 (702 words) Published: April 7, 2011
"Technologically man is a giant, morally a pygmy" Discuss

'Man does not live by bread alone'. This is a popular maxim. If man does not live by bread alone, what else does he need to make him live a man ? That is the crux of the discussion. Who is a giant ? Literally giant is a person of huge physical proportions and extra-ordinary powers and strength. Fables say that there were such persons having the strength of hundreds of men. Thus Hercules was a famous epic figure with immeasurable strength that he could lift a mountain on his shoulders. Swift speaks of such giants of Borbdinnag in his 'Gullivers Travels'. Children's stories are very often replete with the exploits of giants. Now, how is technology a giant ? Well just look at the super fortresses going at supersonic speed and carrying hundreds of passengers ? Consider the giant power houses producing millions and millions of watts of power. Even the earthmover, the tractor, the excavators and so on are all instances of mechanical giant. Modern production depends on this mechanical giants. The knowledge and possession of these machines have made man a giant indeed. Technology is the off-shoot of applied science and with technology, man today commands limitless power. Otherwise how can man go and land on the moon? The power behind the Apollo Spacecrafts is something stupendous and breath taking. Man is adding to his power by a very large measure to the extent that humanity is afraid and apprehensive of the future because of the technological man. Man has grown technologically, but not grown in his moral stature. That is really lamentable. To be moral is to be concerned with right and wrong conduct or duty to one's neighbor and to conform to conscience if not the law in the matter of practicing virtue. Man stands apart from other creatures, not because of appearance or strength or beauty but because he is moral and hence spiritual. Man knows his duty to others and in his evolution from primitive nature...
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