Teachers Are Obliged to Develop Children’s Morality as Part of Their Education

Topics: Jean Piaget, Morality, Ethics Pages: 4 (1316 words) Published: September 10, 2013
‘Teachers are obliged to develop children’s morality as part of their education’

The growth of children’s morality develops through education. Teachers are a key part in developing all areas of children’s development. The child should be looked at holistically. In doing this, moral development will be taught by teachers as a part of an integrated approach to curriculum. This essay will discuss moral development and the importance of its implementation as a teacher to a student. Developing ones perceptions of rights and wrongs begins early in ones life and matures over a lifetime. Moral development is the education through which children grow pro-social attitudes and behaviors towards other people in society, based on social and cultural rules and laws. Lawrence Kohlberg’s (B: 1927-D: 1987) (Allen & Gordon, 2012, p.14) theory of moral development sits widely amongst the education profession and has been influential in guiding teachers approach towards moral development in schools. Furthermore, Jean Piaget (B: 1896-D: 1980) (Allen & Gordon, 2012, pg.45) proposed that children actively construct knowledge and understanding of the world through their interaction with the environment. There are many factors influencing moral development, from cognitive development, exposure to moral issues and dilemmas, and adult’s reasons and rationales. Teachers should also be mindful of the impact of Cultural diversity on children’s moral development.

The first three years of a child’s life is widely recognised in extensive research by early childhood theorists including John Bowlby (B: 1907- D: 1990) (Allen & Gordon, 2012, pg.51). Bowlby was a British psychologist who had a strong interest in child development he believed that it is the foundation of a person’s life. The goal of families and teachers should be to ensure a solid foundation is formed. Lapsley and Narv (2004) stated that an integral part of this early development encompasses moral development. A child does...

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