Teachers' Professional Development Research Based on Knowledge Sharing

Topics: Knowledge management, Knowledge, Teacher Pages: 9 (2867 words) Published: November 1, 2010
Teachers' Professional Development Research Based on Knowledge Sharing Jiwei Xue, Yonggao Li, Lifeng Zhang

School of Computer Science & Information Technology
Northeast Petroleum University
Daqing, China
xuejiwei@163.com, liyonggao8@163.com, zlflx@163.com

Abstract—Teachers' professional development had become an international trend in the reform of teacher education, attracted global attention and was a subject of great theoretical significance proposed by the practice of contemporary education reformation. Educational Technology is the breakthrough of education reformation, and teachers' professional development of educational technology has also aroused the interest from all walks of life. After analyzing the current status of professionalism of educational technology teacher and studying the knowledge of them from the viewpoint of knowledge sharing, this paper proposed some strategies of teachers' knowledge sharing so as to promote the professional development of teachers in educational technology. Keywords-teacher professionalism; educational technology; knowledge sharing; practical knowledge; Project-Oriented teaching mode

In the era of knowledge economy, it's not enough for teachers to have the lofty responsibilities and dedication. It calls excellent teachers with more professional expertise. Nowadays, teachers' specialization is becoming an international tendency in education reformation, attracts attentions in many countries. The current study of teachers' specialization manifests mainly in the following aspects: •Enhance the economic benefits and social status of teachers, and create a favorable environment. •Establish the perfect security system of teachers' specialization. •Reform the education of teachers, and train a group of excellent teachers. The understandings of researchers are various about "Teacher professional development", which can roughly be divided into two categories: one is that the teachers' professional development is a process of making the teaching profession a professional career and obtaining the professional status, which emphasizes the group, external ascension of teachers, and the major concern of which is historical development, professional qualification examination, professional organization, professional code, and social status, etc. The other kind of understanding is to pay close attention to the individual development of teachers, it pays close attention to the improvement of teachers' economic and social status, the distribution of resources and power; it also emphasizes teachers' professional quality improvement which includes education conception, professional knowledge, professional ability, professional attitude and motivation, the awareness of self-professional development and professional moral etc, however, teachers' knowledge structure and ability is one of the most prominent content[1]. This paper focuses on the problem of knowledge sharing of teachers' professional development in educational technology, and puts forward that effective knowledge sharing is an important way to promote teachers' professional development. Using strategy or method of knowledge sharing can improve the work efficiency of the teachers, integrate information resources, and assist teachers to develop teaching ability, skill and experience. II.THE INTRODUCTION OF KNOWLEDGE SHARING

Knowledge sharing is a very important branch of knowledge management. The rise of knowledge-based economy, especially the raise of strategic status of knowledge resources in knowledge-based colleges and universities, make knowledge management become a hot topic, and make knowledge innovation and knowledge sharing become two basic directions of knowledge management. Some scholars directly put forward that the target of knowledge management is to realize the knowledge sharing. The study about knowledge sharing is not mature, and the present research on knowledge sharing can be roughly...

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