Tda 2.10: Support Learning Activities

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Leaning outcome 1

Be able to support the teacher in planning learning activities.

1.1 Describe how a learning support practitioner may contribute to the planning, delivery and review of learning activities.

In the role of a teaching assistant, you will be contributing to planning, delivery and reviewing of learning activities alongside teachers. When planning takes place there should be some opportunity to discuss and review pupils’ work with teachers. Panning, teaching and reviewing follow a cycle which gives structure to the learning process.

The teacher may have plans for long/medium term and that the Teaching assistant is involved in short/daily plans, or for individual sessions. By knowing the learning objectives you will be clear on what the pupils are expected to achieve. If you have particular strengths in the area being taught you may be asked to put forward any ideas you have towards the lesson plan.

Although teachers will have completed long-term plans for classes/groups, you may be asked to work with them to discuss and plan activities for the week, and time set aside to do this. You will need to work with teachers to ensure that the work you are covering fits in with activities/topics planned. For some schools, it is difficult for teaching assistants to have time to plan with teachers, particularly if they are working in multiple classes.

Following the teaching session, both you and the class teacher should reflect on the effectiveness of the teaching and learning activities, and their success in relation to the learning objective(s). When evaluating, you will need to look at whether the children you were working with were able to meet the learning objective through their task.

Learning outcome 3

Be able to support learning objectives.

3.4 Describe the sorts of problems that might occur when supporting learning activities and how to deal with these.

When supporting learning activities you may encounter problems. They can take different forms, but can relater to any of the following:

Learning resources

The task will usually require certain resources such as pencils, paper, white board pens, whiteboards, worksheets, textbooks, maths equipment, paints, computers etc. if you have been asked to set up the task, you need to ensure you have enough equipment and that it is accessible to all pupils. Check you know how to use the equipment if appropriate, check it is functioning and that the pupils know how to use it. If someone has set up the resources it is always a good idea to check that you have everything you need to ensure no problems arise later.

Learning environment

This relates to the suitability of the area in which the pupils will be working problems may arise in the following circumstances;

Incorrect temperature: If the room is too hot or cold you will need to rectify this or move to a cooler/hotter area, as this can affect the children’s concentration. •Too much noise: The pupils may be working in a room with noisy pupils, noise from outside the classroom. i.e. students going to another class/part of the building and making noise while doing so, cars/lorries etc outside the school or even planes/helicopters in the sky. It may be possible to move the children to another area of the school to a quieter place, or simply inform the teacher that the noise levels are preventing the pupils from concentrating. •Insufficient work space: You should always ensure that there is adequate space for the people and equipment before you start. Check that there is enough space around the work area for the number of children you are with and enough space on the work area for the activity to be done. •Disturbances from other pupils: This can be a problem if you are working in a classroom, because an activity being supervised by an adult can be seem more interesting than the work they are doing. If children keep interrupting the teacher should be informed.

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