Systems Media Table

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Systems Media Table: Comparison

Using this table, prepare and submit a 30 - 50 word response in each box that describes the purposes for each system, and gives examples and uses for each system. In addition, prepare and submit an APA-formatted reference page with at least five references.

Word processorA word processor is used to write documents, letters, memos, reports, books, articles, notes, and faxes. According to Keizer (1992) “Word processing is the post popular use of a PC, with 1991 North American word-processing software sales topping the billion-dollar mark. Only spreadsheets have altered America’s business landscape more dramatically than word processors have” (p. 60).According to Keizer (1992) “Word processors may differ in ease of use, speed of such typical tasks as searching through long documents, and ability to produce attractive output, but all hand you a complete set of writing instruments, from text-formatting tools to spelling checkers” (p. 60). Examples are Word for Windows and WordPerfect for Windows. These two are used in personal and professional fields. (Keizer, 1992).Word processing software is used to type, edit, format, preview, and print word documents. Software programs can employ macros or templates to enable standardization for document processing. Healthcare templates create uniformity for documentation and communication (Mumtaz & Hammond, 2002). . Hierarchical database Hierarchical databases place data into a structure that resembles a tree and allows for visual relationships to be used. There are tree arcs to show the flow of corresponding data. They are considered limited and inflexible showing a one-to-many flow such as in a genealogy tree. There can be only one parent segment per child (Englebardt & Nelson, 2002).A use for a hierarchical database would be in listing physicians and their patients (Englebardt & Nelson, 2002). Another use is a genealogical tree. Advancements in hierarchical multiprocessor environments are being worked on that would allow on-line transaction processing applications (Kostenetskii, Lepikohov, & Sokolinskii, 2007).According to "Penn State" (n.d.), “It is one of the oldest methods of organizing and storing data, and it is still used by some organizations for making travel reservations. The advantage of hierarchical databases is that they can be accessed and updated rapidly because the tree-like structure and the relationships between records are defined in advance” (Database Fundamentals). Flat database “A database consisting of a single table is called a flat database” (Englebert & Nelson, 2002, p. 67). This database files the record in a text file with fields separated by columns or tabs (Englebert & Nelson, 2002).Uses such as constructing data for one specific issue such as Apgar scores for a single provider (Englebert & Nelson, 2002). According to "" (n.d.), “While it uses a simple structure, a flat file database cannot contain multiple tables like a relational database can. Fortunately, most database programs such as Microsoft Access and FileMaker Pro can import flat file databases and use them in a larger relational database” (Flat File).“Flat file is also a type of computer file system that stores all data in a single directory. There are no folders or paths used organize the data. While this is a simple way to store files, a flat file system becomes increasingly inefficient as more data is added. The original Macintosh computer used this kind of file system, creatively called the Macintosh File System (MFS)” (Flat File). They can be used to save and track information during upgrades and new equipment installation. Object-oriented databaseAccording to "Penn State" (n.d.), “an object-oriented database can be used to store data from a variety of media sources, such as photographs and text, and produce work, as output, in a multimedia format (Database Fundamentals). An advantage is...
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