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Palawan State University
Puerto Princesa City

Course Syllabus

Course TitleField Study 2
Course NumberFS 2
Faculty Year and Term2014-2015/2nd Semester
FacultyRey Cabailo
Department and CollegeSecondary Education Department, College of Teacher Education Course Pre-requisiteField Study 1
Course DescriptionThis field study course 2 is designed to provide FS students with opportunities to connect teacher-learning theories and principles discussed in the six-unit courses in principles of teaching 1 and 2 with actual classroom practice. It is intended to help the FS student observe how these principles of teaching and learning are applied by the resource Teacher to make the teaching-learning process interactive, meaningful, exciting and enjoyable. Course ObjectivesAt the end of the semester, students enrolled in the course are expected to: 1.Arrive at an experiential knowledge and understanding of the principles of teaching and learning 2.Reflect on the application of the principles of teaching and learning for meaningful and lasting learning; 3.Determine how the guiding principles in lesson objective formulation are applied in the teaching learning process; 4.4. Acquire the skill in developing cognitive, skill, and value lessons meaningfully and interestingly by an in depth treatment of the subject matter and by integrating thinking skill; 5.Apply the guiding principles in the selection of teaching strategies; 6.Identify the teaching approach employed;

7.Trace the logical development of a lesson;
8.Identify effective questioning and reacting techniques
Course FormatReviewing Topics in Principles 1 and 2, and Educational Technology Observe in Actual Settings
Analyzing experience
Reflection on the experience

Specific ObjectivesCourse Content
A.1 Discuss PSU mission and Vision
A.2 Discuss Goals and Objectives of CTE
A.3 Present the Course Syllabus and Introduce the CoursePSU Mission and Vision CTE Goals and Objectives
Presentation of the Course Syllabus
B.1 Review the Principles of Learning
B.2 Observe three different classes
B.3 Identify the evidence of applications of the principles of Learning B. 4 Reflect on the experienceEpisode 1-Priciples of Learning C.1 Review the Guiding Principles in Determining and Formulating Learning Objectives C.2 Observe a class with a learning partner

C.3 Discuss observations with partner
C.4 Reflect on the observationsEpisode 2-Lesson Objectives as my Guiding Stars D.1 Review Selection and Organization of Content
D.2 Observe one type of class in terms of cognitive, skill, and affective at a time D.3 Evaluate observations
D.4 Reflect on the observations.Episode 3-Organizing Content for Meaningful Learning E.1 Review Selection and Use of Teaching Strategies
E.2 Observe at least three Resource Teacher
E.3 Analyze observations
E.4 Reflect on the observations Episode 4-Guiding Principles in the Selection and Use of Teaching Strategies F.1 Review different approaches and methods
F.2 Observe two Resource Teacher
F.3 Evaluate observations
F.4 Reflect on the observationsEpisode 5-On Teaching Approaches and Methods G.1 Review appropriate Learning Activities in the different phases of the lesson G.2 Observe two Resource Teachers in delivering the lesson

G.3 Analyze the observations
G.4 Reflect on the observationsEpisode 6-On Lesson Development H.1Review effective questioning and reacting Techniques
H.2 Observe Critic Teacher’s questioning and reacting techniques in delivering the lesson H.3 Analyze the observations
H.4 Reflect on the observations
Episode 7-Effective Questioning and Reacting Techniques

Course Calendar or Schedule
Day/WeekSpecific ObjectivesContent/TopicTeaching-Learning Strategies/ActivitiesEvaluation of Teaching /Learning 1Discuss PSU mission and Vision
Discuss Goals and Objectives of CTE
Present the Course Syllabus and Introduce the CoursePSU Mission and Vision CTE Goals and...

References: 1. Principles of Teaching 1, 2007 by Corpuz,B. and G.Salandanan
2. Educational Technology 1, 2007 by Corpuz, B
3. Principles of Teaching 2, 2006 by Corpuz B.
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