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My father: the person I admire most. In the span of my life, I have had several people who have influenced various parts of my life, based on their accomplishments, and mostly their characteristics. I have been privileged to have various teachers who I respect for the patience and intellectual ability. There have been numerous artists and writers who have inspired me by their natural talent and abilities. I value many athletes, who have inspired me by their contributions to their community and by showing me how much of an impact they can truly have on this planet. Of all the people that I have come across in my life, the person that I admire most is my father.

As the youngest boy in my family, I considered myself to be the “Spoiled one”. While growing up it always made me sad to see my close friends and even the people on the TV without a father or even a father-like figure around. Seeing this made me appreciate how much of an impact my father has made on his children’s lives. To this day, he continues to profess how proud he is of me and my siblings, and that he will always be there to support us in whatever we choose to get involved in. In every aspect of my life, my father pushes me to excel as much as I possibly can. Whenever I feel like giving up on my dreams and goals, or if I have a question or concern, I know that I can always call on my father for advice. My father is a very loving man and I have learned from him that sometimes you have to put others needs before your own, but not to the point where you completely give up on your own needs.

Many people may say that the higher education that you have, the smarter you are but another one of my countless reasons I admire my father the most is because of his intellectual ability. My father doesn’t have the biggest and best educational background, but in my personal account, he is far more knowledgeable than a person with a higher education. He has a huge knowledge about other cultures around the world....
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