Topics: Third World, Sweatshop, Country classifications Pages: 3 (882 words) Published: January 9, 2014
Exciting and stirring, February of each year brings a new wind to colleges all around US, promising another successful baseball season to come. While the efforts of college students and their coaches are highly appreciated, no one might acknowledge the great contribution of people like Janu Akther, a 22-year-old man who works in sweatshops in Bangladesh to produce American collegiate apparel―an indispensable part of the game. An $18 baseball cap can be a joy of many American people to wear but a dirty exploitation device in Akther's mind. As a sweatshop laborer, he works every day from early morning until late night in miserable conditions of heat and dangerous machine. Each hour laboring takes away much of his sweat but barely gives him anything in return―with a starvation wage of only 8 cents per hour, Akther can't even afford his own life. Thinking of one day in the future when he needs to care not only for himself but also his family, Akther trembles in fear, hoping for a better labor laws in which the working environment is full of respect, dignity, and justice. Sweatshop is defined as a kind of abuse of work which contains the lack of living wages, long hour work, and poor working conditions, but no deal for anything. “Sweatshop” was formed in the Industrial Revolution, but at first, it “was said to be “sweated” from the workers because they received minimal wages for excessive hours worked under unsanitary conditions” (Women and Sweatshop Labor). And until now, sweatshop still exists as an essential part in poor developing countries. On March 7, 1997, John Diconsiglio made a question “Who Is Making Your Sneakers?” According to John Diconsiglio, almost garment is sold in the United States “probably came from foreign sweatshops-factories where workers labor in abysmal working conditions for pennies an hour, or less” (1). For that reason, more and more American companies move their “manufacturing operations” to those countries. Sweatshop violated many groups...
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