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Topics: Taliban, Knowledge, Pakistan Pages: 2 (313 words) Published: February 23, 2015

Summary Response # 2
In “long in Dark, Afghan Women Say to Read is finally to see” By Carlotta Gall proves that learning how to read and write can have dramatic effects on the Afghan women. Many afghan women felt they were blind because they were not able to read and write. “Blind” is the word many of these illiterate women use to describe themselves. Making the connection that not being able to read is like being blind illustrates how these women felt and makes you fully understand that this was like a disability to them. Some of the women wanted to know something so that they could help their children “said Mahgul, 45, a widow and mother of six” I have no knowledge, and so I am not a useful person I can get some knowledge, I can help my children more.” Afghan women also complained about different day to day things like being able to decipher street signs, even for the bathroom signs, or being able to understand medical prescriptions. not being able to go in the correct both room or being able to understand a street signs is another way that shows us how drastic not being able to read and write effect there day to day lives. Many years their culture under the Taliban prohibitive women to read and write. Finally when they were able to have the freedom to read and write the afghan women greedily embraced the governments back to school campaign. The women were eager to get an education from themselves and their children. “People realized that the reason for all these years of war was the lack of education in the country,” she said. ‘Both the men and the women realize this now and want to change that.”

In “ An Insider’s perspective: The Donna Beegle Story’ By Donna Beegle. Beegle tells her story of overcoming proverty
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