Summary of a childs brain

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Summary of Childs Brain Video
A child’s brain is very plastic or flexible and is able to make hundreds of trillions of connections which are all associated with learning. These connects are how a child learns to crawl, walk, run, explore, reason, make friends, learn language, and many more. By the age of five most children have mastered grammar and are able to express themselves through language. The story about Michael was about his (along with some children’s) delayed learning of language and how he struggle to be understood. Michael’s struggle with words had nothing to do with his level of intelligence; it had to do with the link between speaking, language, and understanding. Practice in speaking, language, and understanding can improve a child’s abilities. Babies up to seven months can hear changes in different languages, making it easier to learn more than one language. By eleven months the baby only hears one language. At thirteen months a baby can listen and understand with both hemispheres of the brain, however later on the language center of the brain shifts to the left hemisphere. When the left hemisphere of the brain is compromised by an injury or disease, such as the example in the movie of seizures, children can lose the skill of language. In order to stop this from happening doctors can remove the compromised left hemisphere of the brain allowing the right hemisphere to take over as the language center. This procedure however leaves the child paralyzed on half of their body and they must learn to walk and talk again, but this is a way to help a child live as normal of a life as possible. Reading involves using sound and vision and can be a struggle for some. Overall the brain uses seventeen overlapping processes in order to read. Dyslexia is a common reading disability that causes difficulty translating letters to sound to meaning. The part of the brain that dissects words into sounds does not work, however the brain can be remodeled to function...
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