Topics: Global warming, Climate change, Agriculture Pages: 2 (720 words) Published: May 3, 2015

In the article “The Climate Crisis at the End of Our Fork” by Anna Lappé she wants to bring attention the affects that the food on your plate can have to the climate change problem. She goes through how the land, agriculture, and waste aspects of farming go into the problem. The change in agriculture is impacting the environment so much that it is now noticeable in all different areas of the world. She likes to show how every time the global climate issue is brought up everyone can only name the most common reasons behind it. Most people are to believe the climate change affects farming, but not the other way around. Through out her article she brings attention to the other side.

Lappé talks about how a lot of people know the most common problems behind the much bigger problems and that some can state how individually they can help the environment, or a few larger national ways. Food production isn’t among the ones named and people don’t realize that “roughly one-third of human-caused global warming effect” (Lappé, 854) is caused by the food on their plates everyday. It’s an issue that doesn’t get across because all the other problems are constantly being pushed in your face, so not many people can see how food can be a problem to the environment. Lappé stresses that information to show the different areas as to why it really is a problem and to make people understand where the problem lies most. She says it became better known around 2008 and suggestions were made even to give up meat for a day to help cut the problem down. That’s not easy when industrialized farming became popular and meat was a huge part of more cultures diets.

Examples are brought up by Lappé to show how food has such a huge impact on the warming effect. From what it takes to produce and deliver the food all around the world, the fertilizer for the food to feed livestock, emissions from transport and livestock’s released gases, and even the use of palm oil being more popular....
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