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Margolin, Victor. “The Experience of Products.” The Politics of the Artificial. Chicago: Chicago University Press, 2002.

In the reading “The Experience of Products” (2002), Margolin characterized product’s nature and the user experience. The author indicates the term product milie recognises that products are part of social context of engagement and interaction with people as users, frequently defined by interaction with a range of different products and management of “product webs”(46). The chapter acknowledged the importance that the designer’s understanding of the product users, users experience,product value and product cycle are crucial to product design.The reading inspires the reader to think more than what we can see on the surface of a product and its environment.

Product milieu aggregates material and immaterial products that fill the life world. Each day we are in numerous situations with products, and the situations result in experiences of varying satisfaction. The common cycle a product go through is development, acquisition and use, disfunction or disposal at the end. Due to the growing of environmental concern, ecodesign and sustainable design has become the new trend, their strategies are minimizing waste, use less energy and reducing the amount of material we relegate to landfills. Manufacturers and designers are trying to extend product cycles to allow products to remain longer periods of time. One way of product longevity is to reuse, american automobiles made in the 1930 and 1940 still on the roads throughout cuba is an example.

Users can access product’s services through the product interface. It can be work out rely on prior cultural knowledge or special learning. For example, we formed cultural knowledge from using typewriter before the keyboard exist.

Author pointed the technological innovation obliges users to interact with inhospitable systems of service delivery or product access. The shift from human...

Bibliography: Margolin, Victor. “The Experience of Products.” The Politics of the Artificial. Chicago: Chicago University Press, 2002.
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