Summarizing the Four Contexts That Motivate Learning

Topics: Learning, Knowledge, Psychology Pages: 1 (311 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Summarizing the four contexts that motivate learning,

(Practical, Personal, Experiential, and Idealistic).
I believe Personal experience(s) help motivate us to learn better ways of accomplishing goals and much more. The personal is part of the experiential and practical part of learning from the personal things we come in to contact with; which brings more knowledge to learn, growth and bring in logic. All together we have an idealistic way of viewing our own experiences through our own knowledge; whether the learning is good or bad it helps us stay on top of things and remain practical or learn how to be practical about everything we do.

Personal, Experiential, and Practical lessons motivate my learning because even if I have gone through some of the same personal things over and over again, I know through experiential learning I can always learn more than what I have the first time around and be practical about it.

I moved to Knoxville TN recently from Boston MA, I came here alone not knowing anyone but my roommate who lived in Knoxville at the moment. My experience here has been a little bit on the boring and lonely side cause I don’t know anyone; I wasn’t aware that there weren’t sidewalks to walk on, the drivers who drive in TN wouldn’t mind running you off the road, unlike MA, people would atleast stop and let you go, MA has plenty of sidewalks to feel safe walking on. I soon learned I wasn’t practical about coming to TN; all I cared about was the beauty, the long hot summers and being able to relax. I didn’t do research I didn’t ask the right questions, and I now have to learn from what I am going through and if there’s a next time for travel I will make sure I do my research.

~ Elaina A.
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