Study Questions for Democracy and Rise of Maximum Governments

Topics: World War II, Government, Democracy Pages: 2 (454 words) Published: July 21, 2015
Questions on Search for Political Structures in Southeast Asia (Nature of Democracy/Pluralistic Political Structures and the Rise of Maximum Governments)

These questions focus on assessing whether parliamentary/liberal democracy has taken root in Southeast Asia after independence.

JJC 2010
Evaluate the importance of a democratic government in independent Southeast Asia.

NYJC 2010
“Democracy was successfully established in the newly-independent states of Southeast Asia.” Examine the validity of this claim.

2005 RJC
Did democracy fail in independent Southeast Asia?

These questions focus on evaluating the causes for the demise of pluralistic political structures and the emergence of maximum governments.

AJC 2010
How far was the Cold War responsible for the rise of maximum governments in independent Southeast Asia?

RIJC 2010
Why has maximum government been such a feature of the independent Southeast Asian states?

SAJC 2010
“The circumstances demanded it.” Comment on the truth of this statement for the rise of authoritarian regimes in post-independence Southeast Asian states.

TPJC 2010
“In Southeast Asia, ‘maximum government’ assumed political authority by default.” Assess this statement.

NYJC 2009
‘The rise of maximum governments in Southeast Asian states after independence was inevitable’ Discuss.

RIJC 2009
To what extent was maximum government in the independent Southeast Asian countries a product of communist influence?

SRJC 2009
“The rise of authoritarian regimes in post-WWII Southeast Asia could be traced to Cold War dynamics.” Discuss.

YJC 2009
How far would you agree that the prevalence of authoritarianism after World War Two was a reaction to the increasing threat of communism that swept Southeast Asia?

2007 AJC
‘Given the fissiparous nature of Southeast Asian countries, post-colonial elites across the region were thus naturally inclined towards governments that wielded pervasive authority in order to...
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