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Topics: Education, Learning, Knowledge Pages: 1 (324 words) Published: November 12, 2013
In everybody’s life all ever in education since you were a child till the present. Every times we can create the infinity knowledge. The education which you always study is the study in a classroom, a place which full of an education for every student. That teaches everything such as Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry and English and so on. It teaches us to have knowledge more to can do the occupation and develop ourselves to be successful. It makes we know the world that go on every second. Nowadays the world is developed because the creation and creative from last period people. Study in the classroom may let students to thinks and understand many things better but if everybody has only knowledge in a classroom. It’s not enough for develop the world to be better because people don’t stop to learn and try to find new knowledge every time. It creates new technology, facilities more on our planet. Learning outside the classroom is easy to start from anywhere such as your house, toilet, mall, market and more. If we observe, we’ll know that around your self have many things that you don’t know and interest too much. Several experiences which happen to you are one of the best learning because it happened directly. I’ll make you can remember well different the knowledge from study only in the classroom which can’t remember everything almost learning outside have more fun because we can learn by unbounded and plenty. Knowledge which gets from learning outside is to more than a classroom too.

Scientists make our planet to develop more, but the artifacts and rules which the scientists created are making more occasions to study in classroom. If you want to learn out of the lines and develops new things which have profits to planet. We should learn new things every time because “Not all learning takes place in the classroom”
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