Study Guide Exam 1 Spring 2015

Topics: Science, Social sciences, Scientific method Pages: 3 (528 words) Published: April 25, 2015
 Communication 200
Communication and Social Science
Study Guide for Examination 1

Chapter 1: Introduction to Communication Theory

1.Why study Communication?
Identify and describe the four reasons.

2.Why will learning a particular set of communication skills not guarantee communication success?
What must communicators know and do to be successful?

3.Communication is a Process
Define sign. Define and give examples of a symbol. Define and give examples of a symptom.
Define and describe communication as a co-orientation process, individual interpretation process, shared meaning process and contextual process.

4.Defining Communication
What are the three ways that definitions of communication differ? Provide examples.

5.Competent Communication.
Name and describe the two characteristics. Give examples of situations in which the two characteristics are inconsistent with one another.

6.Goals of Communication
Name and describe the three basic goals.

7. What is the definition of a Communication Theory?

8.Goals of Communication Theory.
Name and define the four goals.

9.Criteria for Evaluating a Communication Theory.
Name and describe the six criteria.

10.Characteristics of All Theories
Name and describe the two characteristics.

11.Components of a Theory.
What are variables? What are independent variables? What are dependent variables? Give communication examples.
What are propositions? What are the characteristics of propositions? Give communication examples.

Chapter 2. Theory Development

1.The Theory-Research Link
What is Inductive Theory Development? What is an example?
What is Deductive Theory Development? What is an example?

2.Research Methods in Communication
What is an Experiment? What is a Survey? How do they differ?

3.Communication Theory Research Perspectives
What is a research perspective? What is the relationship between a research...
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