Student's Creed

Topics: Knowledge, Education, Teacher Pages: 2 (422 words) Published: September 12, 2013
English IV
Group Activity
Sa simula e ipapakita yung ibat ibang kasamaan ni Eloi (inom, sigarilyo, barkada, di napasok sa school, etc) Eloi: (enter)
Totem : ( Bukas ilaw)
Totem: *voice over* Where have you been? Its already 11:00 in the evening. Eloi: *voice over*I told you we did our group project.
Totem: Your friend called me and asked where you were. I said that you were doing a group project but she said that you teacher did not give you any project. Eloi: That’s because they’re lazy. HAHAHAH

Ralph: And worse, we received a letter from your school.
Eloi: A letter of conference again? Naaaaah, I don’t care anymore. I’m having fun with what I’m doing. hahaha Totem: Nothing’s funny more Eloisa. This is a serious case. Eloiu: Okay! Chill. Hahah
Ralph: Your school sent us a letter stating that you have failed all your subjects Totem: And because of that, you have to repeat school.
Eloi: WHAT?! NO!
Totem: *sob* What happened to you my daughter? Why are you doing this to us? What’s wrong? I and your dad gave everything you want but for now, can you please give us what we are simply asking? Eloi: *walk-out*

Eloi: What happened to me? Why did I turned out to be like this? *cry*
:Oh Lord, help me.
By the grace of God,
I am here to learn about life and how I should develop my talents, To serve my God, my country and my school.
I shall learn to sharpen my mind, stretch my understanding,
And learn to love learning.
I shall learn to love and respect my parents, my teachers
and everyone else whose life touches mine.
I shall endeavor to give of my best in every trial and
weather each storm that life throws at me
with Faith in God, Hope in my heart
and Love for one another.
O ito?
I am unique and worthy. Within me lies the power to be the best that I can be. I shall seek to be upright in character, exemplary in behavior and steadfast in spirit. I shall learn continuously, think creatively and strive for excellence in whatever I do. I...
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