Student Report on Fieldwork

Topics: Knowledge, Learning, Schizophrenia Pages: 2 (338 words) Published: May 14, 2011
1.Facility.------------------------ Springfield Hospital Center 2.Supervisor--------------------- Deborah Lombardi
3.Date and hour of fieldwork—4/14/2011, 4/21/2011, 4/28/2011, ----24hrs total

4.Do you believe you had worthwhile experience at this facility? Yes—X—No— Comments: It was an exciting visit, I was able to meet with different group of people, they all performed different activities for the clients. Some of the clients fully participated as others did not. I learned a real life experience on this field trip and was involved in some group activities with the OTR and clients.

5.Were there adequate opportunities for hand on experience? Yes—X—No— Comments: I participated in group activities by assisting the OTR in teaching in one of the group session.

6.Did what you learn in class help in this experience? Please give a couple of examples: Oh yes it really help me a lot. I could imagine myself linking my class experience with what I saw and did in group sessions on the fieldwork. Examples: Group activities, observing clients, and record keeping on clients.

7.List type of clients (ages, sex, cultural background and diagnoses, if known)—Female, African American, Schizophrenia paranoid type

8.How would you rate the amount of supervision you received? Sufficient__X_____ Insufficient______Comments: She always tried to explain to me exactly what she was going to do and the purpose of such activity. She even went as far as explaining to me the importance of OTR in todays’ health community. She is excellent in her job and knows exactly what to do as an OTR.

9.What would you say were the major strengths and weaknesses of this experience?—The major strength was me getting up early and being on time for the fieldtrip activities, after that I had to pass and go directly to work on third shift without any sleep and being focus on lesson. The weaknesses were, I some time felt not confident of myself, very shy and sometime have feel shy to ask...
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