Strength in Knowledge - Maybe, an Analysis of Knowledge in Frankenstein

Topics: Frankenstein, Mary Shelley, Knowledge Pages: 3 (1010 words) Published: March 15, 2012
1 December 7th, 2011 Strength in Knowledge - Maybe It is common belief that knowledge is a wonderful thing. Knowledge is key, or at least that is what most people are brought up believing. Children are taught by their elders from a young age that they want to be successful, and that they should do well in school. Knowledge is the root of this, as it is a main required component of becoming successful at a modern day and age. Mentors throughout one's life frequently remind him or her to ask questions to satisfy his or her own curiosity. Has anyone ever thought that perhaps asking questions is not always the best option? Humans strive for knowledge in order to learn, to earn a good job, to better life as it is known, or even just to satisfy one's own curiosity. It is natural to be curious, and therefore to strive knowledge, but can there ever be too much knowledge? Are there things that are better off if nobody knows about them? Victor, and the monster, demonstrate in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, that knowledge, or the thirst of knowledge, results badly. Knowledge is a form of power that must not be abused. The largest example of the downfalls to knowledge lies with Victor Frankenstein. Victor states that “[his] parents resolved that [he] should become a student at the university of Ingolstadt” (Shelley 28). This goes to show how knowledge is generally something that is coveted by many. In this case, it is Victor's parents who pass on the lust for knowledge. In no way do they mean this in a bad way. While Victor's parents want him to be successful and gain plenty of knowledge by attending university, they want this to benefit their child, as they see knowledge to be a good thing. Not many people think about how knowledge can negatively impact a person as it does to Victor. Victor moves on, and later works to animate a being of whom he had created from objects such as metal, and non-living human parts. His knowledge, and his curiosity lead him to do what has never...
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