Strategies for Living in a Warmer world

Topics: Deforestation, Carbon dioxide, Earth Pages: 4 (1479 words) Published: December 12, 2013
Geog 100
Nov 7th , 2013
Strategies to living in a warmer world
The Earth’s climate is never in a state of homeostasis (1), there has always been and there will always be climate change in the world, so to think about climate change as something out of the ordinary is simply not correct. We know the climate changes and have dealt with it before (2) but the challenge becomes more apparent as our communication as well as population grow exponentially. Today there is another difference, as now we are more than mere spectators of the mighty nature, we have become a powerful source of change thru the modification of our living environments and our ever increasing use of technology. As the climate changes, the way we see the world needs to change with it, we need to confront this event as a species and look at it as a challenge and not as an apocalyptic event, there are many ways that could help us to live in a warmer world and even learn to use a warmer world to our advantage as a species, we could start by ending deforestation, preserving and propagating Mangroves and start the plantation of Redwood trees using Terra Preta(3) as a way to increase the lands fertility. Deforestation is one of the biggest ways in which we are depleting the earth of the lungs that uses to purify the atmosphere and clean the environment of carbon dioxide which is a greenhouse gas that contributes to a rising global temperature. (4) The rainforest act as natural cleaners of the environment and help the atmosphere and ourselves by transforming carbon dioxide into Oxygen with the help of the Sun. Nowadays about twenty percent of the greenhouse gases are the effect of tropical rainforest deforestation alone. The way that deforestation impacts our world also affects the water cycle of earth as trees from rainforest whom used to extract groundwater from the earth and release it into the atmosphere are cut down and now unable to do so. Deforestation makes soils become eroded and thru rain...

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